Studio Luna, 2-3 persons

Luna is a studio, located on the ground floor, with a large panoramic window and a terrace overlooking the garden, comfortable, with a touch of romance. At night, let the starry sky take you to a pleasant sleep.

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Apartment Mistika, 4 - 6 people

Mistika is our biggest apartment, on the 1st floor, for 4-6 people, offering beautiful views of the surrounding peaks, with two large terraces. Comfortable and modernly equipped for those who want something more. May Mistika take you on a magical day.

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Apartment Alba, 4 - 6 people

Alba is a pleasant apartment on the 2nd floor, for 4-6 people, with two bathrooms, for all those looking for peace and intime. With a morning rage that peeps through the window, you will be ready for the perfect day.

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